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Pay Per Click advertising is by far the most efficient, cost effective and targeted type of advertising you can run for your business.  With years of experience running PPC advertisements you will be safe in the knowledge your campaigns are being run in the most effective way possible with every single pound you spend being accounted for. Put your business in front of a warm audience already searching for your product or service and send them to a landing page they can’t refuse! All included in our monthly management plans.

Search Pay Per Click

There’s a lot more to search PPC than just paying handsomely to sit at the top of the results page. Using our insider knowledge of the search industry we will get you in front of your target audience, at a cost that provides you with an excellent return on investment. Not only that but we will help you ensure your ads are sending your warm leads to a landing page built to convert them to customers.

Display Pay Per Click

Sometimes you may want to proactively reach new or existing customers, even when they aren’t directly looking for your products or services. That is where display advertising comes in. We’re great at finding your existing customers as well as potential new ones, and we’re equally as good at knowing what to show them in order to get them spending money with you.

Shopping Pay Per Click

Google shopping is one of the most effective forms of online marketing for your e-commerce business. By the time you have paid for a click, the customer already knows what your product is, what it looks like and what it costs. We help you get your products onto Google shopping platform and then maximise sales by ensuring that they are fully optimised for conversion.


We like to keep things simple, and that includes our pricing. Choose one of our PPC pricing plans below or contact us to get started. If you have a monthly budget of over £10k please contact us.


£ 495 Per Month
  • Ad budgets up to £5000
  • 1 Campaign
  • Up to 20 keywords
  • Up to 30 negative keywords
  • 2 Ad extensions
  • Search PPC


£ 795 Per Month
  • Ad budgets up to £8000
  • 2 Campaigns
  • Up to 30 Keywords
  • Up to 45 negative Keywords
  • 4 ad extensions
  • Search & Shopping PPC


£ 995 Per Month
  • Ad budgets up to £10000
  • 3 Campaigns
  • Up to 50 keywords
  • Up to 60 negative keywords
  • 8 Ad Extensions
  • Search, Shopping & Display PPC

*Price does not include cost of ads

How It Works

PPC is an auctioning type system allowing advertisers to bid for their ranking within the Search Networks (usually Google or Bing). When someone searches for a particular keyword or phrase within the Search Networks, sponsored search results are displayed. In Google this is at the top of the page in the shaded box and down the right-hand side of the page. These sponsored search results then link the searcher through to a targeted and relevant website relating to the initial search term. This is the quickest way to get your business in front of warm leads looking to spend money on your business without waiting years for SEO results, or wasting marketing budget targeting random cold audiences through Facebook.